May 3, 2020

When she's not reading the latest Stephen King novel, Debbie Savage is busy personifying her last name. Only a savage could beat breast cancer, not once, but twice. There's a reason we named her our May Survivor. 

Debbie's journey began back in 2012 when she was diagnos...

April 2, 2020

Things have changed quite a bit since the last time we met. And while we are still in the thick of things, we're welcoming April with a hopeful spirit, and would love for you to join us. 

It's always inspiring to meet one of our Survivors, but in times like this, it's e...

March 1, 2020

At 39, while many might anticipate their 40th birthday, deciding how best to celebrate – maybe a party or a trip - our March Survivor had bigger decisions to make.

Diagnosed with Stage 1 breast cancer, Carolita Lewis had to choose between a single or double mastectomy.


February 5, 2020

With the passing of our pink torch (or sash) Rosemary Sideboard Hughes not only shares a last name and life with her husband Al, but they now both share the honor of being our February Survivor with Al representing last year and Rosemary holding the title for 2020. Two...

January 5, 2020

Ah, the start of a decade. Newness, excitement... fear.  But it's only 2020. Remember Y2K and all the catastrophic craze that came with that? So this is cake. Especially for our January Survivor who spent 2000 fighting for her life. And we are thrilled to report just a...

December 4, 2019

“You think that if you have cancer you would have other symptoms.”

While a fair thought, this is not always the case as our December Survivor learned.

See, “other symptoms” are not needed when you already have one (a lump!) and in many other cases, there are no symptoms...

November 4, 2019

It’s tough to think of gratitude when dealing with, or discussing, breast cancer.

And yet every time we meet a Survivor, we come across an abundance of appreciation.

Some are grateful for the journey, some for their families, and some for a higher power.

As we begin this...

October 7, 2019

But there's no mean girls here! (Only here) It's just that time of year again. No, not autumn, pink season a.k.a. Breast Cancer Awareness month!  

If you've been with us since our debut, you know every month is awareness month for us.  Still, in honor of Octob...

September 3, 2019

With summer under our belts, it's easy to shift into autumn on autopilot. But let's pause a moment. It's not that systematic. Each season, like each day, has its own set of experiences, we may just need to look a bit closer. Bulking the balmy days of summer together ca...

August 4, 2019

We all do it. Scribble to-do lists. Mentally go over everything we need to get done. But when was the last time we appeared on our own list? Our August survivor Olga L. Morales reminds us to make our body a top priority.

Upon a routine physical, Olga’s doctor discovered...

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