So Long Summer, Hello Positive Thinking

Hello to all our readers! As summer comes to a close and the forever child in all of us feels a bit sad (somehow remembering that back to school feeling even if we're out of school or don't have kids!) -- it seems like a perfect time to bring up an important element to battling breast cancer -- as well as any disease, setback, unfavorable time or unfortunate life circumstance and that is: positive thinking. We've heard this term tossed around many times before, whether it's plastered across self-help books or touted by daytime talk show hosts... but for many of us it's unnatural or just too difficult to seek out the silver lining or bright side to things even in the lightest of obstacles. So

Survivors on Science: Hope for Breast Cancer Detection & Personalized Treatment

It's not something we want to talk about, but it's something we have to talk about. Breast cancer will affect nearly all of us at one point or another if it hasn't already. We may know someone who has it, know someone who will get it, or we may receive the frightening news one day that we have it ourselves. According to statistics at, one in eight women in the U.S. will develop invasive breast cancer (breast cancer that grows into - or invades - surrounding healthy breast tissue) in her lifetime. And while most of us immediately think of women when we hear the words breast cancer, a man can get it as well, though facing much less likelihood with a one in 1000 chance in his l

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