Pink Awareness: Breast Cancer Breakdown

Hi all, we’re still honoring Breast Cancer Awareness Month and hope you are, too! Things are a bit busy here at Eye of the Survivor as our founder Reggy Stainfil prepares our 2017 calendar introducing us to a dozen more fierce females. We know they’ll inspire us as much as our 2016 troupe has and continues to! Stay tuned for details on purchase in the coming month… So last time we caught up we discussed two common approaches to diagnosis that members our of survivor family have had much success with: mammograms and self-exams. We’d like to take a moment to also go over ultrasounds which often follow a mammogram if anything needs to be examined further. As its name suggest, a breast ultrasoun

Eyes Wide Open: Early Detection & Screening

Hello October! If you’re like us here on the East Coast, the air’s a bit chillier and thoughts of winter are looming. There’s the dread of catching a cold or worse the flu! But this is old hat, right? We’ll visit our doctor and see what we can do to stay ahead of the season. Yet what do we do to stay ahead of breast cancer? More importantly, what can we do? For starters, have a conversation with your doctor and understand your options. It could wind up saving your life. As most of us know October is Breast Cancer Awareness Month - but here at EOTS - every day, week, and month is all about breast cancer awareness! So in honor of the month, and our everyday goal, we hope to raise awareness abo

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