An Uncommon Truth: Men and Breast Cancer

Hi everyone, we hope you are enjoying 2017 so far. Over the last 6 months we've discussed many stories of survival, elements of breast cancer, diagnosis, signs and symptoms, etc. - all largely focused on females - but despite its rarity, men can develop breast cancer, too. While it is true that breast cancer does occur mainly in women, men have breast tissue and therefore it is possible that they can develop breast cancer. As we have learned, when a breast cancer has formed, a malignant tumor has started from cells of the breast. And a malignant tumor is a group of cancer cells that can spread into surrounding tissues or other areas of the body. For men, even after they pass puberty as boys,

In With The New...

Whether you watched Ryan and Jenny, Anderson and Kathy, or tuned in to Pitbull’s party…whether you lined up shots or slept right through it --- wherever you are right now it’s 2017 baby and we’re thrilled you stopped by to read our first post of the year! Keeping in the spirit of “Auld Sang Lyne” and times gone by ... we’d like to toast 2016 and thank everyone who participated in our inaugural calendar. We learned so much from your strength and stories of survival. We are stoked to launch a new year with you and share of our latest calendar featuring a whole new line up of strength and survival just waiting to inspire us all. If you attended our Pink Carpet Gala back in October, you may ha

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