When Breast Cancer Strikes, Again

Hey all, happy you’ve returned with your Eye on Strength because we have another member of our fierce family of survivors to introduce you to. Tami Lamy who celebrated her birthday back in October (Happy Belated!) is the epitome of survival. Tami has fought breast cancer and battled through it, not once, not twice – but three times. (And we are rooting for the third time to be the last time!) In her first go with the disease, Tami noticed a lump in her left breast by simply folding her arm. After a lumpectomy, Tami found out she had breast cancer. A lumpectomy is a surgery in which cancer, or other abnormal tissue like a tumor, is removed from the breast. Since it differs from a mastectom

Preventing Breast Cancer: A Grocery Store Approach

Hey Survivor fans and welcome to February. We trust you are making the most of this new year and are glad you stopped by. This is the time of year many of us are bulking up on Vitamin C to arm ourselves against the common cold or even the flu. What if we told you there are similar approaches we can take to defend ourselves against the growth of cancer cells in our breasts? Back in December we told you about the benefits of Vitamin D for increasing survival rate in breast cancer patients, including foods like salmon, tuna, eggs, and mushrooms and even non-food sources like sunlight. We are happy to add that there are even more vitamins and sources with similar cancer-fighting nutrients that

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