Strength, No Matter Your Size

Gandhi once said, “Strength does not come from physical capacity. It comes from an indomitable will.” This is the kind of strength we see every day in breast cancer patients – many of our sister Survivors – and those who we have lost to this disease. Here at Eye of the Survivor, we celebrate survival and keep that as the optimum goal – but we also celebrate the journey and honor everyone who has battled this disease, whether they made it to survival or not – they are champions to us. Nancy Dainesi our March Survivor, received news of her diagnosis while at work - not an ideal setting - but there really is no appropriate setting for receiving this kind of news. She instantly called her siste

Walk The Talk, Avon Style

We always love to get the word out on opportunities to raise awareness and fundraise for breast cancer but can we walk the talk? We can, and so can you… Avon39 is a 39-mile (39.3 to be exact!), two-day event held in seven major cities that began back in 2003 and has since raised close to $590 MILLION. You can probably guess it took more than one person to raise that much money - more than 220,000 participants in fact since its start. We’ve quoted her before and how can we not…“Alone we can do so little, together we can do so much,” another knowledge-bomb dropped by the unparalleled Ms. Helen Keller. We think her words fit perfectly here, and with respect to all fundraising. Avon39 is coord

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