Springtime Strength: Mind Over Matter

“You have power over your mind - not outside events. Realize this, and you will find strength.” It’s funny how something someone said centuries ago can still resonate with us today. This deep thought was crafted by a Roman emperor you may or may not have heard of named Marcus Aurelius in his most famous book, Meditations, in which he shares various reflections and philosophies. We think his insight here is especially important to recognize as in so many of our situations we often feel powerless in facing a tough diagnosis or another tough situation we can’t control. But while we cannot control our circumstance, we always hold the power to control our mind. We control how we are going to thin

Here Comes The Sun

"April showers bring May flowers,” we all know the saying, but there’s more here than just the literal and obvious meaning. This saying as well as the present month (or our present situation) should remind us that even the rainiest and cloudiest of days will soon brighten and bring about a whole new season of sunny days ahead. Much similar to “After a storm comes a calm,” or a personal favorite, “This too shall pass”. So here we are in April, and while we all may catch some rainy days (literally and figuratively) the temps are at least warming up, and because of that – we think it’s a nice season to get outside a bit more. And what better reason than raising awareness and funding for breas

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