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We hope everyone had a special Mother’s Day and spent time with loved ones. This Mother’s Day was bittersweet for our Eye of the Survivor family as we lost one of our favorite moms, Survivor sisters and beloved friends. It is with a heavy heart we share the news that Debby Stith, a featured Survivor in our 2016 calendar, passed away on April 26. Debby epitomized true survivor strength even coming up with her own phrase, “A setback is a setup for greater comeback.” And Debby was the queen of comebacks, never succumbing to her breast cancer fight. When cancer returned, Debby fought back harder. Debby fought for nine years, never giving up. We send our deepest condolences to the entire Stith fa

Remission, a *Pause* for Celebration

If any of you were obsessed with this zip code as much as we were, you know Shannen Doherty best from Beverly Hills, 90210 and believe that the Brenda years were simply put, the best years! So you probably mirrored our exasperation when real-life Brenda shared with the world that she was battling breast cancer. Die-hard fans may even remember when Brenda had a fictional scare in Season 1 after finding a lump in her breast. In an eerie foreshadowing of sorts, Shannen discovered she had breast cancer in the same way. Shannen was officially diagnosed in February 2015 and began to chronicle her journey by way of social media. She’s shared the ups and downs, that special Eye of the Survivor fig

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