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"Faith is not believing that God can. It is knowing that God will." Laudable words spoken by writer and actor Ben Stein, who we hope voiced these thoughts with a bit more enthusiasm than his memorably lethargic delivery in all those Clear Eyes commercials back in the 90s... But we do know for sure that our June survivor echoes his words with enough enthusiasm and faith for all of us! Ka'idah Ali discovered she may have breast cancer during a routine annual exam, without having any symptoms. After further testing, not only did she receive a diagnosis but it was delivered to her by whom she refers to as an "uncaring specialist" who left her in the room alone in tears. An occurrence we are terr

Breast Cancer: Know the Risks (It could save your life!)

We made it to summer! Well, at least the “unofficial” start of it, and we’re so stoked to kick off a second summer with you and share more inspiration and information. In past posts we've touched on some known risk factors and approaches to prevention but we want to provide a more inclusive list and bridge the two, as in some cases knowing the risk factors may help you prevent the start of breast cancer cell growth or in the least, lessen the risk. So as most of us know, unfortunately there are certain risk factors that just are, and we cannot change them. We'll call them "classic" factors, and according to breastcancer.org some include: (Check out our Pink Awareness: Breast Cancer Breakdown

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