Let's Dance

Hello there Survivor fam, we're happy to be back chatting with you and are super excited to introduce our champion for the month of July. As you know, we love having so many tough and inspirational women in our network to learn from and grow with, and Anna Rodriguez is just another tiger in our pack. Anna was diagnosed with breast cancer at the start of 2008 then just six months later received another startling diagnosis that she had uterine cancer. In this instance Anna tells us her two cancers were not linked and the cancers did not spread but as we've mentioned in previous posts, having had breast cancer can make us more susceptible for other cancers, including uterine. In more specific c

Eye On Strength, One Year Strong

Happy 4th everyone, and welcome to our one year anniversary blog! We cannot believe it's been a full year since we kicked off Eye On Strength. Whether you've been with us from day one, or you're just joining us now, we thank you for your interest and are excited to have you as part of the family. For anyone new to our blog or family, Eye of The Survivor is an inspirational calendar dedicated to women who have battled breast cancer and survived. Photographer and visionary Reggy Stainfil founded EOTS in late 2015 after being inspired by the resilience of breast cancer patients and survivors. Reggy not only wanted to capture this fighter spirit strength and beauty through his photography, but a

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