Faith At Any Stage

"Faith is taking the first step even when you don't see the whole staircase." Those are just a few of the many inspired words of Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr. We feel such a strong connection with this statement particularly, as many of us lean heavily on faith from the first sign of a breast cancer symptom or the moment of an official diagnosis. Our August survivor Georgina Machare clutched her faith tightly when she found a lump during a self-exam. "Cancer is a serious topic. I feel like anyone can overcome it with faith and with the support of your loved ones." Through her example, we are not only reminded about the importance of faith, but also in conducting self-exams, as we have emphasiz

If You See Something, Say Something (Thx Homeland Security... don't mind if we do)

Glad to see you back EOTS fam! We can’t believe it’s already August and hope you still have some vacation days left to splurge on a bit before Labor Day sneaks up on us :) So every now and then we like to take a moment to check out developing research, recent studies or hot news topics. Sometimes we are even a bit proud when it’s a matter we've already covered in one of our very own blog posts or through one of our inspiring stories of survival right here within this network. This is one of those times! Just a few days ago was one of many online new sources that shared Sherrie Rhodes' story, a 37 year-old mom of three who discovered she had breast cancer, not by finding a lump, bu

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