Some Like It Hot

We fall in love every month here at EOTS. Like hard. Yes, we're ♥ hopeless romantics ♥ but that aside - we're crazy about our Survivors month after month, and folks, December is no different. We know it's December not February (Cupid sighs) but even Santa applauds a good love story. (We mean, have you SEEN the Hallmark channel?) Meet Torra Waynick, our current heartthrob for December. Sure, she's beautiful (see above!) BUT we're smitten with her spirit and blown away by her FIRE!! And if you're East Coast like us, you need some heat (shivering as we type). Torra's spark ignited back in 2015 when she received her breast cancer diagnosis and has been blazing ever since. "I was no longer a spe

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