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Walk The Talk, Avon Style

We always love to get the word out on opportunities to raise awareness and fundraise for breast cancer but can we walk the talk? We can, and so can you…

Avon39 is a 39-mile (39.3 to be exact!), two-day event held in seven major cities that began back in 2003 and has since raised close to $590 MILLION. You can probably guess it took more than one person to raise that much money - more than 220,000 participants in fact since its start.

We’ve quoted her before and how can we not…“Alone we can do so little, together we can do so much,” another knowledge-bomb dropped by the unparalleled Ms. Helen Keller. We think her words fit perfectly here, and with respect to all fundraising.

Avon39 is coordinated by the Avon Foundation for Women, which since 1992 has been making an impact on breast cancer with its “Avon Breast Cancer Crusade”. This laudable crusade works toward breast cancer prevention, treatment, and the end-all-goal we too share – the obliteration of the disease altogether!

The Crusade also aims to fund access to care, support services, awareness and education, screening and diagnosis, and scientific research by awarding funds raised from the walks to local, regional and national breast cancer organizations. The Avon39 walks are the largest fundraising event for the Crusade.

One 39er is Jules Charnota-Larson, and though not an EOTS family member, she’s a sister survivor nonetheless. Jules is featured on Avon39’s Walker Stories page and shared her take-away.

"The Walk is about hope. It's so motivating. You meet many courageous people and hear their stories. I was personally moved by the true hopefulness I saw. The whole experience was amazing, so well worth it. You're spreading the news that there is hope. It makes a big difference."

Interested yet?

This year’s events will take place as follows:

  • Houston, April 22 - 23

  • Washington DC, May 6 - 7

  • Chicago, June 3 - 4

  • Boston, June 24 - 25

  • San Francisco, July 8 - 9

  • Santa Barbara, September 9 - 10

  • New York, October 14 - 15

Though many of us have some time before an Avon walk heads our way (NY & NJ represent!) let’s get the word out to any friends and family we have scattered across the US, and maybe even consider participating in a walk outside of our home state if we find ourselves near any of the above cities at the time of an event!

Aside from its Crusade, the Avon Foundation for Women has been a consistent supporter of all-things women since its start in 1955. That’s over SIX DECADES of working to improve the lives of women by supporting and promoting scientific, educational and charitable programs and events. Thank you Avon!

Since 39.3 miles in two days is no joke, everyone is encouraged to train. There are tips and tools on the site and once you register you will have access to your own fundraising coach who can help you develop a training plan or answer any questions you have about the fundraising end of things.

For more information about Avon39 click here.

We hope many of you check out this opportunity - or spread the word if you can’t make it yourself. If you do Walk The Talk, Avon Style be sure to stop by and tell us about it!

Please join us next time as we introduce our EOTS Survivor of the month and share more inspiration and awareness. But as we often say, until then… keep your Eye on Strength!

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