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A Touch of Love

So. You know the kind. The doctor who gets the degrees, hangs prestigious plaques on his or her wall, proudly recites textbook lingo, yet can't explain much of anything and wouldn't take the time to try.

Rushes you so they can squeeze in another 15 - 20 minutes with someone else.

Dismisses your concerns. (Check out our May survivor's experience.)

Nods with eyes glazed over not paying attention.

It's a shame - and it's not all of them - but it is pretty common.

This reality makes it all the more special when you come across a doctor who cares. A doctor who embodies the term "bedside manner". A doctor who exhibits compassion and has your best interest at heart.

A unicorn of a doctor, if you will.

Our August survivor Tuana Grundy was fortunate to find such a unicorn - a doctor of true prestige - one who went that extra step with a touch of love.

During an annual mammogram, Tuana's radiologist noticed something on the scan. Should she be alarmed? He brushed it off and wasn't too concerned, he said. No big deal.

In what could have been just an innocent oversight – we still see very clearly the difference in care when someone goes just a step more.

When meeting with her primary care doctor - the same "something", didn't sit right with him. He wasn’t sure. Not certain. But the overwhelming difference was - it was worth looking into. Why not?

Thanks to his gut feeling and genuine concern followed by many additional tests, Tuana learned she had breast cancer. And as we all know (or should really get on board with believing) early detection saves lives because - not surprisingly - knowledge is always power, as they say.

Still, Tuana recalls asking God why this was happening to her. How could it be? Through faith and prayer, she found some comfort for her fears.

"Then I realized that he blessed me to let me know that he had me and everything was going to be alright."

She thanks her family and friends who stuck by her throughout her journey, but above all God for providing her the support of both his love and their love.

As a fan and player of Lacrosse (check her out above), Tuana took her field-tactics with her as she sized up her opponent.

"I acted fast and started the process to beat this disease."

We’d also like to applaud Tuana for getting yearly mammograms which already gave her a lead. We’ve discussed the basics of mammograms as well as some interesting pros and cons in previous posts, click the links for more.

But even so, squaring off with any rival or challenge often takes more than just zeal, fortitude, and desire. Sometimes, it takes motivation from an outside source. Something greater than you.

"I know now that my purpose is to be an advocate to spread the word about breast cancer and early detection," she said. "Thank you God for I am grateful."

Tuana, we are grateful for you, your story, and such inspiration!

Before we break, we usually take a moment to shout out any EOTS birthdays for the month. While none of our current inspirational dozen was born in August - there's one very special August baby we'd like to honor because she inspired simply by breathing - no matter what your religion.

In her words - and all the doctors and medicine aside...

“The greatest science in the world

- in heaven and on earth -

is love.”

- Mother Teresa

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