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Thank You For Being A Friend ☺

We're a pretty grateful bunch all year round but when November rolls in we like to express our thanks even more. Cue the tape!!!

Okay, fine. It's 2018. Click this .

Now that you're smiling, thinking about how awesome Dorothy, Blanche, Rose, and Sophia are (and how classic that theme song is) we want to thank you for being a friend!

We'd also like to thank everyone who joined us at our 2019 Eye of the Survivor Calendar Kick Off Reception last month.

Huge thanks to our founder Reggy Stainfil and partner-in-pink Angelina Killane-Sims, the founder and CEO of AAngelsNJ.

Another beautiful event, calendar, and pink dozen!

If you haven't grabbed a calendar yet now is the perfect time with buy one get one free specials running until Thanksgiving. Just one way for us to give our thanks!

Let's meet our incoming class for 2019:

  • January - Celeste M. Munford

  • February - Al Hughes (a.k.a. our first male Survivor!)

  • March - Jackie Catalina

  • April - Shirley Washington

  • May - Kamilah Brewington

  • June - Tina Sharma

  • July - Tonya Richburg-Wilson

  • August - Olga L. Morales

  • September - Maria A. Del Rio

  • October - Arcelida Rodriguez

  • November - Leslie R. Peters

  • December - Kimaya Salaskar Thakrar

We can't wait to learn more about each of you in the new year!

But today let's meet Sharon Daughtry-Simon, our featured Survivor for November.

Like previous Survivors, Sharon did not expect a breast cancer diagnosis, especially having just cleared a mammogram six months earlier.

Still, when she felt a sharp pain and lump in her left breast, she acted fast.

This was a life-saving decision.

Thanks to her speedy handling, she met with her doctor and was soon diagnosed during Stage 1. As we've learned many times, early detection and early diagnosis strengthen our chances of survival.

After her diagnosis, Sharon underwent surgery, chemotherapy, and radiation.

And in further resemblance to her peers, Sharon held a grateful heart throughout, giving special thanks to her family and God.

"The Lord's love, and support of my family and friends, was the pillar of my strength."

Now cancer-free, Sharon has the same gratitude added with a stronger sense of purpose.

"My advocacy is to help in the fight against breast cancer, give hope, and to be a source to encourage women and men to be strong and take charge of the steps toward living a healthy life."

As our lifelong-fictional-friend Sophia would say: Picture it: 2019, I was living my best life.


But wait not so fast. We still have one more month to wrap up 2018 so let's make it count ♥

Warmest wishes to Marcy Prendes, our July survivor who celebrates her birthday this month.

Additional shout outs to all the Veterans - thank you for your service!

And last, but certainly not least, in honor of Thanksgiving we give our thanks to YOU. Thank you for being a friend

Until next time, keep your Eye on Strength!

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