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Faith Above Fear

As we (enthusiastically) wave goodbye to winter we're heading into spring with a renewed energy. We’re pretty much running...

But even through the stormiest days of the last few months, we trusted they would pass. Sun after rain. Light at the end of a tunnel. You get the point, we had faith!

Recognizing our trust - or faith - in small situations (like the weather) helps strengthen our outlook when faced with rougher storms, like say - breast cancer.

Our April survivor, Shirley Washington, credits her faith - specifically in God - for not only getting her through breast cancer but for leading her to breast cancer.

Uh, what's that? Let us explain...

Shirley describes having intimate prayers with God and feeling compelled to check under her right breast for any abnormalities.

"Prayer is the most powerful tool given to us to communicate with God and for God to communicate with us," she said.

After her inspired self-examination, she discovered a lump and made an appointment with her doctor.

Following some tests, Shirley was diagnosed with Stage 1 breast cancer which although deemed non-aggressive, is still an invasive breast cancer that requires immediate treatment. Shirley needed surgery to remove the lump and five lymph nodes. Next came 26 weeks of radiation.

Still, she was pleased with her course of treatment and very happy to skip chemotherapy. At Stage 1 with cancer cells typically contained within one area, treatment is usually more favorable.

And for Shirley, all glory goes to God.

"I do not take being cancer free for 2 1/2 years lightly," she said. "When the Lord wakes me up in the morning I give him praise for what he has done."

Coupled with faith, Shirley promotes the importance of staying active and trying to keep a positive attitude. Practicing what she preaches, she attends exercise classes two to three days per week and keeps an eye on her diet.

She knows a solid healthcare team helps, too - but doesn't mince words about who she feels is truly in control.

"We know that God gives man wisdom, but the doctors and the staff cannot do what God can do."

Thank you for sharing your experience with us Shirley! We wish you continued faith, success, and health in your recovery and remission!

We'll see you all next month but until then, keep in touch with us on Instagram, and keep your Eye on Strength!

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