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Sunshine On A Cloudy Day

So it is actually the month of May but even when it's not, and when it’s cold outside, as the song goes, we've got the month of May, with our girl. (See above!)

What better month to spotlight our latest Survivor? With Mothers' Day here we can't help gush over Kamilah Brewington, who not only survived breast cancer once but three times, and is a loving mom to two sons.

While many of us were studying for finals or deciding on a major, Kamilah had her first bout with breast cancer during college at the young age of 20. After beating the disease and a clean screen, ten years later she would head into her 30th year battling the same beast. Though, this time was different. This time, she was a mom.

"In this battle, I had to take a very aggressive approach to treatment undergoing a bilateral mastectomy with reconstruction, only 18 months after giving birth to my second child," she recalled. "That fight included numerous surgeries and countless complications. Yet, I was determined to rid myself of this disease and live. Not only for myself but my family who needed me."

Silencing the disease once more, Kamilah went into remission for three years until cancer returned at age 35. But Kamilah had been here before and wasn't going to give up now.

In the third fight for her life, treatment included several rounds of chemotherapy and more than 40 radiation treatments.

"Cancer took my strength, my hair, my breasts, my fertility, but never my faith in God or my determination to live," she said. "Even at my weakest point, my faith never wavered."

Kamilah felt a natural determination to combat her illness. "Fighting back against this challenge was simply innate," she said.

Aside from shutting down breast cancer (three times) and holding down her family, Kamilah leads a team made up of her biggest supporters, dubbed Team CONQUERORS, and together they help raise awareness and funding for various cancer-fighting organizations.

Further, to honor the pain and endurance one experiences during breast cancer, Kamilah and her team participate in various physical events and challenges to stand in unity with those affected by the disease.

We are so grateful Kamilah shared her story with us and wish her, and all of you, a wonderful and happy Mothers' Day!

We send warm birthday wishes to Angelina Killane-Sims, our pink partner and founder of AAngelsNJ, and Al Hughes, our one and only male EOTS survivor, Mr. February.

And we also remember and celebrate our dear friend Elizabeth “Lady Sha” Ruan on her special day this month. Elizabeth is gone but never forgotten!

Until next time, keep your Eye on Strength!

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