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A New Dawn

Life hacks? Yes, please.

  • It is the mind that heals and hurts you. It is the mind that matters most.

  • Staying positive is the solution for every challenge.

  • Gut is the best decision maker.

Agreed. Agreed. And...AGREED.

Such wise words and advice! Whoever said this must have loads of experience, mental strength, and self-trust...

She does! The author is Tina Sharma, our June Survivor and thriver. She's also a loving mother and wife (see above).

It was actually when she stopped nursing her then-newborn daughter that she discovered a lump.

However, due to all-round post-pregnancy body changes, no sirens went off and Tina didn't suspect anything was wrong.

But when the lump remained several months later, she decided to get it checked out.

Tina was diagnosed with Stage 3 breast cancer and recalls entering a short period of denial.

"I could not believe it, did not want to believe it nor could I accept it, given my healthy lifestyle,” she said. "It took me a few days to accept this fact!"

Tina credits her faith in God and her family for helping with that, but as for deciphering medical jargon? She was her own tutor.

"I researched and gathered information to help me answer my why, what, and when part of the treatment." Learning the details of chemotherapy frightened her, particularly the likelihood of losing her hair, but Tina stayed grounded and also learned a crucial lesson. "This experience took the focus off outer beauty and made me realize how important and constant inner beauty is," she said. Soon everyday things were seen in a new way. "...I started to live one day at a time and became more aware of and watchful of small things in life like the feeling of a warm shower on a bald head, trying crazy hairstyles with different wigs, going on impromptu dates with my husband and most important, watching our two-year-old daughter grow." Now cancer-free, Tina is excited for a new dawn.

"This is not the end; it is just a new beginning to a whole new perspective toward life and its celebrations."

Who doesn't want to celebrate? We're right with you Tina!

As we make our fun summer plans, we also give our best to all the fathers, grandfathers, uncles, etc. who we hope to celebrate with later in the month. We appreciate all of you past and present.

Until next time, keep up with us on Insta and always keep your Eye on Strength!

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