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On Wednesdays We Wear Pink

But there's no mean girls here! (Only here) It's just that time of year again. No, not autumn, pink season a.k.a. Breast Cancer Awareness month!

If you've been with us since our debut, you know every month is awareness month for us. Still, in honor of October, we're not only introducing our current Survivor, but also including a flashback click-list of our past Awareness Month posts which are each packed with great info!

First, let's meet our October survivor Arcelida Rodriguez. When Arcelida received her second breast cancer diagnosis she recalled feeling a familiar numbness.

"The delivery was less than humane but the message was the same. The doctor shared, 'you have breast cancer.' Not much else was heard after that."

With her daughters by her side, Arcelida set out to beat breast cancer once again and would not allow fear or upset to distract her.

In fact, she told us at her photo shoot (see above) that she kept "the attitude of a championship team in the body of a 65-year-old queen."

She wouldn't even stop to cry just not to lose focus. She refused to let breast cancer have its way with her, in her words, "Not today! Not tomorrow! Not ever."

That's Survivor talk! Clearly, she's in our EOTS family for a reason.

And when you browse our list below, aside from helpful info, we hope you learn a bit about our previous October survivors, too!

Awareness Flashback Click-List

Eyes Wide Open: Early Detection & Screening (2016)

Pink Awareness Breast Cancer Breakdown (2016)

Pink October All Year Round (2017)

Who will be your ONE? (2018)

Later this month we hope to see you at our annual calendar kickoff party! This year's event will be held on Thursday, October 24 at The Loft at Wilshire Grand Hotel, located at 350 Pleasant Valley Way in West Orange, N.J. For more information or to purchase tickets, head over to our pink sisters at AAngelsNJ.

We're celebrating so much this month, including the birthdays of our October survivor Arcelida, our founder and photographer Reggy Stainfil, and our June survivor Tina Sharma!

Best wishes to you all, and to our readers, keep up with us on Instagram, and always keep your Eye on Strength!

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