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Tonight I'm Gonna Party Like It's 1999 ♫

Ah, the start of a decade. Newness, excitement... fear. But it's only 2020. Remember Y2K and all the catastrophic craze that came with that? So this is cake. Especially for our January Survivor who spent 2000 fighting for her life. And we are thrilled to report just as we all survived the millennium way back when -- two decades later, Kathy Roe is still standing, too!

However, at 35, at the beginning of a new decade and era, an unsuspecting Kathy learned she had breast cancer through a routine mammogram.

"I didn't think anything of it until I went for the follow-up appointment and the doctor said the mammogram was positive. I asked, positive for what?"

Once she processed the news of her breast cancer diagnosis, Kathy thought of one person alone who was reason enough to fight for, and it wasn't herself.

"For me, all I could do was think of my young son who I said, for him, I will beat this," she recalled. "I couldn't think of anything else but him."

Along with her son, her mother and coworkers were also sources of inspiration and support as she wrapped her head around next steps.

Her doctors explained that her cancer needed to be treated aggressively. They advised her to take time for herself before the fight of her life began, which would consist of treatment including six rounds of chemotherapy every four weeks, surgery, and then radiation.

So as part of her preparation and me-time, Kathy took on some retail therapy (still a favorite activity, as captured above). It was the start of the holidays, but that year Kathy had a very different reason for the season. No religious reason. No consumer gift-giving reason. But survival. That was her reason. And Kathy's survival was fueled by determination, love, drive, and passion.

As we begin a new year (and decade) it's the Survivors in our Eye of the Survivor® family, like Kathy, who inspire us to refuel our own paths. To recharge our batteries with our own continued drive, purpose, love, hope, and faith for the year ahead.

And have you purchased your 2020 EOTS calendar yet? Head over to our pink sisters AAngelsNJ and grab a copy now!

Before we exit, please join us in sending our warmest birthday wishes to Barbara Barnes, our June Survivor who celebrates her birthday later this month.

Check back with us in a few weeks to learn more about Barbara, but in the meantime, keep up with us on Instagram - and always keep your Eye on Strength!

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