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You don't have to be a canine lover or even an owner to know that dogs are well known for their sense of smell.  With more than 200 million olfactory (or smell) receptors they sniff well past our meager 6 million.

But aside from that, what they can smell, and detect, is even more impressive and our November Survivor Veronica Adams-Grimsley, knows this first hand, or paw.

“Yes, my dog saved my life.”

It was early 2014 while Veronica was in bed and asleep as her dog Fubu kept pawing and pawing at her breast. Though she waved him off to finish sleeping, when she awoke it was thanks to Fubu she took a look and spotted a lump. 

While there are dogs trained for picking up specific scents related to certain diseases (often referred to as doctor dogs), your beloved house pet usually just picks up a different odor from you.

When we are sick with any viral or bacterial infection or diseases we smell differently.

A human likely could not detect our change in body odor, but that's where the additional millions of smell receptors come in.

Fubu smelled something was not right.

After a visit with her doctor and subsequent tests, Veronica confirmed it was breast cancer.

Fortunately, thanks to Fubu, Veronica caught it early on and her diagnosis was Stage 1.

"Once my surgeon came up with a plan of survival my treatment started immediately."

Veronica spent the rest of 2014 undergoing treatment which consisted of multiple surgeries including a mastectomy, with Fubu right by her side.  He even seemed to hold off his own illness for her sake. 

"My dog Fubu watched over me the entire year, waited for my last procedure before he took ill," she said. "In January 2015, we had to put my hero to sleep."

Since becoming a Survivor, Veronica focuses on enjoying life, travelling, and representing for breast cancer survivors (see photo above).

Later in 2015, Veronica formed "Veronica's Faith Warriors" and continues to raise funds and awareness about early detection. 

Veronica we celebrate you - and Fubu!

Until next time keep up with us on Instagram and always keep your Eye on Strength!

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